About Cheapest International Calls

Cheapest International Calls gathers up-to-the-minute price information from a number of top international telecoms companies. We help you get the best rate and save you money on your international calls and we have been doing it for more than 11 years. That's right, cheapestinternationalcalls.com started way back in 2001.

You can compare calling prices for Germany, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Spain, USA and more. Why should I compare?

Traditional phone companies charge too much for international dialing. Sometimes rates can exceed 10x the price of an access numbers, and using access numbers to make international calls can save you considerable money on every call. But there’s a problem -

Like the big phone companies themselves, cheap international calls can be hard to find and even harder to understand. To make matters worse, international calling companies frequently change their rates, and prices can vary considerably from one day to the next. The good news is we have a solution.

Cheapest International Calls makes things simple. Our call comparision website generate prices and price comparisons for the exact call you want to make. This means you can compare and choose from the prices offered by a number of leading international call providers. With Cheapest International Calls, you benefit from:

  • In-depth market comparison and a simple breakdown of the best international calling prices
  • We find the cheapest international call for your desired destination, ensuring you get the best rate without wasting any time
  • We do not sell, encourage you to use or represent any of these cheap international call companies. Instead, we enable you to navigate a complex market and save money in the process.

If you’d like to know just how much you can save, check out the difference between BT local call prices (the rates you’re charged by the dial-through companies featured here) and BT international call prices (what you would pay with a big telecom companies like BT, Virgin or their competitors).

It seems hard to believe cheapestinternationalcalls.com has been active since 2001! Over the years the website has focused on different aspects of the cheap international calling market, starting with calling cards, but the latest incarnation as a comparison website promoting the best products and services for international calls from your landline and mobile is what we like best.

Our team are dedicated to finding the best products with the most cost effective rates in this innovative market.


Aaron Potter
Managing Partner
Cheapest International Calls LLP

Cheapest international Calls

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Cheapest International Calls only provides current call pricing information. International call prices can change on a day-to-day basis, so checking back every time you need to make a call can help you save even more.

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