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About David Cole

David Cole is an English history teacher, who travels all around the world in order to collect the facts and to see the actual places where the historical events happened. Thanks to this hobby, David has traveled all around the world – from Asia to America. Because of the specifics of the work, Mr.Cole had become fluent in technologies and communication services. Actually, now he is kind of a maniac in terms of computers, devices and all kinds of communicational software.

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  • News
    HP is the Leader Now

    The fastest growing and most profitable market in the world is the one of the mobile technologies. It defines the modern business and there are big players on it which can hardly be moved from their leading positions. Read More…

  • A report published by Netherland’s research company Nwezoo which investigated the habits of gamers in USA concluded that the iOS users are paying up to five times more for video games than those of Android. The data in the report is based on a information about the top 200 downloaded video games for smartphones, as well as the results taken from a pool conducted among 17 000 people. Read More…

  • Pirate Bay

    Pirate Bay

    The Pirate Bay is already blocked by the broadband internet service providers (ISP). As part of the struggle against the file-sharing websites, the UK High Court decreed earlier this week that the ISPs are obliged to block the Swedish pirate site. The first ISP to obey the order is Virgin Media. Read More…

  • news
    No Microsoft in Germany

    The higher the bet is the more furious the players become and this holds true especially when we talk about the fastest growing market in the world which gave us the most expensive company in the world – the smartphone market. The companies here are ready to do anything in order to become leaders and to sell more. A major way for solving the problems they have is with trials in the court regarding the patents that have been use. These trials are now common and each of the biggest participate in such. Read More…

  • international callsThe Korean electronics manufacturer has managed to dethrone Nokia as the undisputed king in the sale of mobile phone devices worldwide. According to a research conducted by the research firm Strategy Analytics, for the first time in 14 years Nokia hasn’t sold most cell phones. Now the Finnish company has fallen behind Samsung. Read More…

  • news
    Pure View Nokia

    There are several phones in the world that make serious impression. One of them was the first iPhone which created the path for whole range of phones. Read More…

  • news
    Google Street View

    Google, one of the biggest software companies in the world will have to pay over 25 thousand dollars because of violating privacy of people.

    The case: Read More…

  • hacking emailAnonymous blogger, turned out to be a policeman named Richard Horton issued a writ against the Times newspaper after its email had been hacked. Read More…

  • instagramInstagram for Android has been expected impatiently. The applet enjoys a lot of positive reviews from the customers since its market release. Read More…

  • news
    Profits of Samsung

    The world of business and the technologies today are going hand in hand. The biggest and richest companies are in this sector and it seems that this is unlikely to change due to this yeas.
    Samsung, one of he biggest technology manufacturers in the world set an operating profit of over 5 billion dollars for the first 3 months of this year, which means that the company grows quicker than expected. Compared to the money that Samsung made the last year, the income and the profit are twice bigger. Read More…