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About Harold Smith

Harold Smith is a creative guy, with some weird ideas. He spend most of his childhood as a gamer, playing video games. When he grew up, he decided to go even further. He began to play professionally, without neglecting his health. He discovered as much fun outside as well as in front of a computer. He decided to go into programing, and has been developing there ever since. Now he has become an excellent IT expert, and has been giving a lot of advice to the people online. He is part of our team now and willing to share his extraordinary ideas with us.

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  • news

    There are several search engines in the world which are interesting and kind of important beside Google. These are Yahoo, Bing and the Russian Yandex which may not sound familiar to you, but it holds over 60% of the searching market and this makes it bigger than Google in a country with population over 141 million people. Read More…

  • google-project-glass-3Google plans to develop the project Glass – a pair of smart glasses, known as “Google goggles”.

    The smartphone and tablet technology will be brought together in a new concept – sight and voice controlled goggles. The developers from Google X team said: “We think technology should work for you—to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.”

    The video that demonstrates what Google goggles might enable you to do is already released. Weather information, text messages and voice commands are among the many futuristic features of the projected device.

  • news

    The popular application used for sharing pictures – Instagram is now available in the app store of Android. The program is already very popular among the people who use iPhone but now it can be used by many more. At the moment around 30 million people are using it. Read More…

  • cheapest callsThe Canadian technology company is looking in every possible way to restore its reputation which took few heavy blows in the last couple of years. The company aims to improve its future products and attract new potential customers by creating new technology which will allow every Blackberry phone user to enjoy better audio quality on his smartphone. Read More…

  • news
    Braille Monitor

    The technologies these days are used by different people. One use them to have fun, others for work and there are still people who do not have access to such technologies and therefore the information on the web. Read More…

  • The latest mobile operating system created by Microsoft is performing favourably on the markets in Europe and Asia. After the release of the localized version of Windows Phone and the prediction that it is going to surpass the iPhone by the end of the next year, there are even more good news for Microsoft. The collaboration between Nokia and Microsoft seems to be very fruitful because Windows Phone surpassed Symbian in smartphone sells on the market in Great Britain. Read More…

  • cheapest callsJust for a period of one month around 8.77 million new customers subscribed to the services of mobile operators in India. With the new 8.77 million new GSM subscribes the combine total of people using mobile phones and services rise to 657 million users. The data was reported by the non-government association of mobile operators in India or as its official title Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI). Read More…

  • call SpainThe results from a survey conducted by the Vuclip after questioning 560 000 men and women in 188 countries showed surprising trends in the buying habits of both genders. The survey confirms extraordinary facts that completely debunk the opinion of the general public that men are more interested in the features a cell phone has to offer rather than its price. Well, it turns out that women are more interested in new, high-end features than the people from the opposite sex. Read More…

  • After the numerous reports and warnings from human rights organisations about the working and living conditions in Foxconn manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen some changes are going to be made. The largest electronic manufacturing company decided to improve the conditions by hiring independent safety and security officer, as well as lifestyle services manager for the unit that manufactures Apple products. Read More…

  • news

    Android Robot

    Big manufacturers of smartphones like Samsung install Opera browser in their devices when they make them and till February, the Norwegian browser was holding the number one position. However, the latest statistics show that the place was taken from Robot, the browser installed in devices running under Android takes this place. Read More…