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A Little Precious for the Chosen Ones

Posted by | Posted in News | Posted on 21-12-2011 | comments: 0

Contact with Fred Burns: +Fred Burns
The Ulysse Nardin Chairman is among the most luxurious that can be bought these days.
Ulysse Nardin Chairman

Many companies try their luck in developing gadgets that are not their main strength. Sometimes this is a good thing as the case with SAAB, for example. As you may know, this company originally manufactured jet planes. However, creating something new and different is not an easy task, so that is why you may be surprised by the fact that the boutique brand “Ulysse Nardin Chairman” made a phone, which is not only very expensive, something that we can expect from such brand, but also, one of the best in the business.

Here are some statistics about this new little precious.

The phone has 8MP camera, 32gb memory, Android OS and all the other features that you can find in the best phones on sell today. However, what “Ulysse Nardin Chairman” offer is more than that. It is details and craftsmanship, which can hardly be seen anywhere else. This machine is more about style, prestige than anything else.
The most significant thing about it is not the gold or the diamonds, but the built in fingerprint scanner and the kinetic rotor used for powering the device. Just like an automatic watch.

Of course, not many people will be able to have that. From one side because of its price, which starts from $13 000 and reaches up to $130 000, but because of the limited numbers – only 1846.

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