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Britons Are Getting More Addicted to Internet

Posted by | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 30-03-2012 | comments: 0

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international callsA news report shows that Britons are spending more and more time in the internet than ever before. On average Britons spend 15 hours a week online. The rise in the internet use is due to the fact that people are using new means to access the internet like smartphones and computer tablets. Another reason for the increase in internet use is the growing popularity of social networking sites.

The statistic shows that compared to six years ago adults are more active in the internet with now 79% percent of all adults being online. What is even more astounding is that adults have the habit of accessing internet from any device at any time from any location.

Amongst those adults who access internet daily around 59% have at least one profile in social networking site. In fact social networks are playing big part of the daily life on adult Britons as around 67% claim that they access social networking site on daily basis.

Although while as a whole Brits are using more internet and are spending more time online than before those of them aged 65 and above are still less likely to use internet. More than a half of them do not intend to use internet at all, while the people who are unwilling to use internet in all the other age groups combined are only 15 per cent.

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