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Google Financial Indexes for London, Milan and Frankfurt

Posted by | Posted in News | Posted on 22-02-2012 | comments: 0

Contact with Fred Burns: +Fred Burns
Google Finance

Many of the mobile devices are used by teenagers who just look for different ways to lose their time. That is the reason for many manufacturers to deliver their devices with already installed games like angry birds, for example.

However, there are people who use almost all of the tablets’ and smartphones’ capabilities. Usually these are business people who need to be well informed all of the time. Because of them, Google announced that they will start providing information in real time about the indexes of the exchanges in Europe. From the company say that they saw the great results that were achieved after they started providing the same service but for the NYSE, so they wanted to widen up the range of their services. After the deal, each customer will be able to see the Indexes in London, Frankfurt and Milan. To put the cherry on top and in order to provide full service coverage, Google will soon provide the same service for the exchanges in China and India too.

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