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Hackers’ Attack on Foxconn

Posted by | Posted in News | Posted on 09-02-2012 | comments: 0

Contact with Pete Roberts: +Pete Roberts
Foxconn Hacked

Have you ever thought about the parts of your mobile phone or iPad? It seems that no matter which brand stands on the front of the device, the actual working parts are the same. This holds true for Samsung, Nokia, Apple. Of course, there are some differences, but they are not so significant to allow us to define the machines as unique.

So, Apple are making their devices in China, in the factories of Faxconn. However, in the past, this company became famous because of the bad working environment which they provided to the workers. Today, however, there are different type of news about Foxconn. Their main data base was hacked and many important passwords, names and logins were stolen. The hackers also stole financial profile of Apple along with bank info and passwords.

SwaggSec is the name of the group which made the brake trough, but till that moment, the authorities do not know nothing more.

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