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New Features of Tango Give User the Chance to Record Video Messages

Posted by | Posted in News | Posted on 21-12-2011 | comments: 0

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Record and send video messages for Christmas

Tango announced two new features for people using the app just in time for the holidays. The first feature is called Video Messages while the other is called Tango Surprises. Both features provide the users with the chance to personalize their Chirstmas wishes and Holiday greetings, that they will send to friends and family.

Video Messages feature for the Tango app offers the unique chance for users to record and send their personal video message to friends or family members. The feature allow cross platform video message sending which means that person using Android phone can send his video message to a person using iPhone. The video message will reach its intended receiver even if it was on a miss call.

The other new feature for Tango, is called Tango Surprises and provides users with the chance to add various video effects to their messages, thus giving them even more personalized look and feel. The effects vary, from beating hearts expressing love to party balloons or ninja slicing the screen. The Tango Surprises is, for now, only supported for iOS devices, but the developer claims that in the near future people using other devices will also be able to insert effects in their Video Messages.

Tango is a multi-platform software application available for wide range of devices from personal computers to mobile phones. Recently, the developers of Tango released version for their application supported by Windows Phone operating system. Using network connection Tango can be used for making free international calls, both video and audio.

While Tango is a free app the new features supported by it have a price. The Video Messages feature is free, however, Tango Surprises costs 1.99$, but the first animation is free.

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