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Panasonic Is Planning to Outsource its Phone Production

Posted by | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 01-04-2012 | comments: 0

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cheap international callsAccording to the Japanesse newspaper Nikkei, one of the biggest phone manufacturer in Japan – Panasonic plans to outsource its phone manufacturing facilities outside of the country. Currently, half of all Panasonic phone are produced in Japan. However, the company is going to outsource its production to factories in China and Malaysia in an attempt to establish the brand on foreign markets.

Panasonic is going to be the first Japanesse phone manufacturer that outsource all its phone production in foreign countries. Still, there are rumours that Panasonic won’t shut down its manufacturing facilities in Japan yet, because the company is still, most likely, going to create phones meant to be sold on the domestic market.

By outsourcing its phone production outside of Japan, Panasonic plans to increase its production and start exporting it to foreign markets, mainly in Europe. For the last fiscal year Panasonic was the third largest phone manufacturer in Japan, just behind Sharp and Fujitsu, with 5 million units sold. But by if Panasonic successfully outsource its phone production then the company estimates that it is going to triple its sales by 2015/2016. From the predicted 15 million phone units that the company is going to sell it is estimated that 9 million are going to be sold outside Japan.

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