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Rumours About the New Kindle Fire

Posted by | Posted in News | Posted on 09-03-2012 | comments: 0

Contact with Harold Smith: +Harold Smith
Kindle Fire

Being in the era of technology it’s crucial to be as modern as possible. This not only allows us to do more but also to take advantage of more. That was the reason for many people to decide to buy Amazon’s tablet Kindle Fire where they were able to have more than one of their favourite books in a small and handy to use device. However, according to the latest news related with the company, the new generation of tablets will be released in the end of the year or 6 months later than what it was expected.

The new generation of tablets will come with 7” and 10” displays but probably not with the old E-link type, but one that have multimedia capabilities. The companies which will have to manufacture the devices are Foxconn and Quanta.

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