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Salamworld.com – The New Islam Social Network

Posted by | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 14-03-2012 | comments: 1

Contact with David Cole: +David Cole
Salamworld news

The modern world’s biggest news agencies are Facebook and Twitter. This is where people share information to other people. You can find videos, news, comments, texts and pictures from websites and books from all over the world. However, many of the things there are not considered to cover the requirements of the Islam, so the Islamic organisation “Salamworld” decided to create a website called salamworld.com. This will be a social network created from Muslims to Muslims and all the content inside will be considered according the shariat.
The owners of the site expect it to become very popular attracting from 30 to 50 million people in the first 2 years. Such a goal is pretty ambitious but it is achievable, according to them.
At the moment the website is only in English but soon it will be translated in Russian, Arabian etc.

A man from the Moscow office of Salamworld said that the website will service mainly Muslims and that it was financed by people from Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan etc. It is expected for the website to be launched in July.

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