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Smartphones More Important than Cars

Posted by | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 28-03-2012 | comments: 0

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 smart phoneIt turns out that the smartphones are becoming more essential than manyu other basic needs. Recent research showed that thousands of European smartphone users are already addicted to their favourite devices. Even more – these people consider the the smartphones a fundamental part of their everyday life.

55% of the Spaniards prefer to give up beer, chocolate or driving for a month instead of not using their smartphones. The research has been made with 2478 people from different European countries. 96% of the Germans have purchased at least one smartphone device. 70% of the Spaniards check emails with smartphones, 52% visit the social networks, 38% are chatting. Two thirds of the Europeans are ready to give up beer, wine, chocolate, shoes, TV and cars, just to not lose the access to their snartphones.

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