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The HTC Sensation XE – Extreme Edition

Posted by | Posted in News | Posted on 09-11-2011 | comments: 0

Contact with Pete Roberts: +Pete Roberts

A new level of sound quality competition will be set by the mega-powerful, multimedia superphone, the HTC Sensation XE, which is the update of the existing HTC Sensation and also the first smartphone in the world with integrated Beats Audio.

In the second for this month review in my international call blog, I will present you this upgrade of the recently released HTC Sensation. The features of the basis which are present include a near identical chassis, the same design and an identical screen as its predecessor. You get the same 4.3in qH dispaly, the same 8-megapixel camer and the same unibody aluminium design, though the touch-sensitive Androidbuttons now light up red instead of white, and the Beats Audio logo is emblazoned on the Sensation XE’s battery cover. Both the edge of the camera lens and the grille covering the earpiece also get a coat of red paint.

The key upgrade is the audio quality, product of the collaboration between HTC and Beats By Dr. Dre audio company. When used with the included Beats in-ear headphones, HTC claims the Sensation XE uses a personalised sound profile that will result in exceptional audio quality. The premium headphones include the Beats branding, signature red cord and come with in-line volume and playback controls.

The power capacity of the XE is also better – the core processor has been over-clocked to 1.5GHz (up from 1.2GHz). The batter is also bigger – 1730mAh compared with 1520mAh. The Sensation XE also has 4GB of internal memory compared to the original 1GB — however, only 1GB of it is user accessible.

Since September 14, HTC released the Extreme Edition (XE) in Europe and soon will call Pakistan for a Middle-Eastern distribution.

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