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International Calls to Nigeria from your landline or mobile in 3 Easy Steps:

The cost advertised to call 08 and 09 access numbers will be charged by BT and Sky. The cost of the international call is included in the advertised rate. All networks charge a connection fee between 3 and 14.94p, calls from other networks, including Virgin or TalkTalk, may vary and the rates can be found on the FAQs page. You must have the bill payer's permission. Calls are charged from time of connection to the service. The charge is incurred even if the destination number is engaged or the call is not answered. Therefore, we advise you replace the handset after a short period if the calls are engaged or unanswered.

1. Choose to rate you want to pay 2. Call the access number beside the rate 3. Once connected and you hear the recorder message, dial the full international number starting 00
  • Calls to a landline in
  • Calls to a mobile in
Supplier Rate p/min Access Number
Localphone2.9pOPEN ACCOUNT
RebTel2.99pCreate Account
Auracall3p0844 988 5559
TeleNatter4p0843 710 6200
Just-Dial4p0844 904 3489
TalkingNumber4p0844 639 7766
Story Telecom4p0844 901 1285
RingSID4p0843 026 0806
ParrotTel4p0843 026 0494
Cherry Call4p0843 721 4000
iTalk4p0844 639 9566
Dial Cheapest4p0843 8730 015
Call2Call 4p0844 909 0111
Premium Service5p0843 711 1111
Cheers6p0871 756 9838
Firstnumber7p0871 802 5261
JustCall7p0871 802 6047
TalknTalk8p0871 556 9343
Supplier Rate - p/min Access Number
ParrotTel3p0843 018 0314
RingSID3p0844 626 0806
Auracall3p0844 988 5559
Call2Call 3p0844 430 0111
Localphone3.4pOPEN ACCOUNT
RebTel3.49pCreate Account
Premium Service4p0843 710 1111
TeleNatter4p0843 710 6200
Just-Dial4p0844 904 3489
Story Telecom4p0844 901 1285
Cherry Call4p0843 721 4000
Dial Cheapest4p0843 8730 015
TalkingNumber5p0844 497 7766
iTalk5p0844 497 9566
JustCall6p0871 642 6047
Cheers6p0871 756 9838
Firstnumber7p0871 802 5261
TalknTalk8p0871 556 9343

International Calls to Nigeria from your mobile in 3 Easy Steps:

Text the KEYWORD to the SHORT-CODE will cost £5 plus a standard text message and will give you £5 worth of calling credit. Once you have received the confirmation text, call the access number, at hearing the voice prompt dial the International number that you wish to call. Do not press the call or send button after the international phone number.

Some suppliers use an auto top-up function. To avoid auto top-up, hang up within 30 seconds of the warning or to unsubscribe from this service you will need to text a keyword to a short-code. Each supplier charges a connection fee which may vary depending on the destination called. Some suppliers charge a disconnection fee. Depending on which supplier you choose, your credit may expire. For more details please visit the supplier’s page by clicking on their name below.

All prices are per minute & include VAT. Calls to the 01 or 02 access number are charged at your mobile operator’s standard rate and may be included in your inclusive minute package. Callers must have the bill payer’s permission.

1. Choose to rate you want to pay 2. Call the access number beside the rate 3. Once connected and you hear the recorder message, dial the full international number starting 00

If there is not a Short Code or Key Word, then all you have to do is dial the access number – you will be charged the advertised rate by your network provider.

Supplier Access Number Rate p/min Availability Short Code Keyword
LocalphoneOPEN ACCOUNT2.9pAll Networks
RebTelCreate Account2.99pAll Networks
ParrotTel020 3347 97364pAll Networks66667CALLNOW
Text2Dial0333 155 50114pAll Networks85787CALLNOW
Just-Dial0207 124 66665pAll Networks80550CHPCALLS
Auracall355 006 205p3 Network
Story Telecom0208 497 10075.6pAll Networks80077CHEAP
Auracall0208 497 55595.6pAll Networks81616TALK
Call2Call 0191 450 70076pAll Networks87887CALLNOW
Dial-a-Code 29 06 766pT-Mobile, Orange, 3, O2
Cherry Call0161 328 28206pAll Networks68888CALLNOW
Story Telecom355 018 6511p3 Network
Supplier Access Number Rate p/min Availability Short Code Keyword
ParrotTel020 3347 97363pAll Networks66667CALLNOW
LocalphoneOPEN ACCOUNT3.4pAll Networks
RebTelCreate Account3.49pAll Networks
Call2Call 0191 450 70074pAll Networks87887CALLNOW
Text2Dial0333 155 50114pAll Networks85787CALLNOW
Auracall355 006 205p3 Network
Dial-a-Code 29 06 766pT-Mobile, Orange, 3, O2
Cherry Call0161 328 28207pAll Networks68888CALLNOW
Auracall0208 497 55598.9pAll Networks81616TALK
Story Telecom0208 497 100710.5pAll Networks80077CHEAP
Story Telecom355 018 6511p3 Network
Just-Dial0207 124 666616pAll Networks80550CHPCALLS
Emergency numbers:
Area codes:

Cheap International Calls to Nigeria

Far from Home? Call Nigeria Cheap Now! Our cutting-edge telecoms equipment makes calling Nigeria cheaper than ever. Rather than using traditional mobile or landline-based telecommunications systems to make cheap international calls to Nigeria, we connect your call using the latest telephony technology connection. Cheap international calls allows you to call Nigeria from anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of traditional dial-up access phonecards or international mobile calling rates. If you live abroad or have business in Nigeria, Cheap International Calls is a cheap and easy way to stay in touch with friends, family and business associates: use us now to start making crystal-clear, reliable, affordable cheap calls to Nigeria today.

The number of British that phone Nigeria is at an all-time high with an estimated 154,000 Nigerians now residing in the UK. The increased number of Nigerians living in the UK, along with improved technology, has seen a big reduction in the cost to call Nigeria over the last 10 years. Occasionally the cost to phone Nigeria fluctuates due to the Nigerian government increasing the cost of international calls being received in Nigeria.

Cheap international calls to Nigeria from the UK is the highest of all African countries owing to Nigeria having the highest population of all African countries and greatest number of their population living in the UK. The current Nigerian population is estimated at over 170 million and the largest city in Nigeria is Lagos with an estimated population of over 7 million making it the second largest city in Africa.

Nigeria has a pretty much equal number of Christian and Muslims which means the peak period from cheap international calls going to Nigeria are spread over Christian holidays such as Christmas day, Good Friday and Easter Monday, and Muslim holidays such as Ramadan, Mawlid and Eid. Calling Nigeria during these period can be up to 300% high than other times. Keep an eye out for special offers for making cheap calls to Nigeria during these periods.

We always aim to deliver the very best cheap calls to Nigeria. Our calling Nigeria prices are a fraction of the cost charged by major branded companies and we only work with the very finest telecommunications providers in the world today. This ensures that we can offer you the cheapest international calls to Nigeria on the market. We use a system of local access numbers to make international calls to Nigeria as this manages to save a fortune on the cost of worldwide calls. We search over 25,000 prices every day thanks to our unique international price comparison system, and always work to ensure that when you need to phone Nigeria our prices really will be the best in the business.

Who provides the cheap international calling services?

The cheap Nigeria calling services promoted on our website are provided by leading telecoms in the international calling market. There are a few providers offering the cheaper rates for cheap calls to Nigeria because they have more expertise in calls to Nigeria. The providers range from small to medium local businesses right up to large multinational public companies.

How do the services on this website work?

All the cheap calls to Nigeria services and products on our website work on a two stage calling basis. The customer first makes a call to the providers telecommunications platform, and then secondly the call is sent to the calling Nigeria. The only major difference in the call to Nigeria products is the way it's billed. Some products are billed by the customer's existing network providers while other services are billed directly.

How do the services on this website work?

All the cheap calls Nigeria services on our website are access by calling an access number. The way you are billed may differ slightly. The way an access number works is, you call an access number and your call is sent to the company providing the service. Then, you will be played a recorded message giving instruction on how to call to Nigeria. At any time during the recorded message you can dial the full international phone number in Nigeria. After you have dialed the international phone number in Nigeria your call is sent to its destination. Whether you are using the Landline Access Numbers, Short-Codes, Account or SMS Top Up service, all are based on the this access number call through model. The reason why these companies can offer calling Nigeria so cheap is they don't have to install, set up or manage expensive phone lines and infrastructure that the big name telecoms companies do. This means they, the companies providing the services on our website, don't have huge business running costs and don't have to put big mark ups on their prices.

Who provides the cheap international calling services and products?

All the cheap Nigeria calling services on are supplied by telecommunication service providers specialising in the cheap international call market. Some suppliers are based right here in the UK while there are a few base in mainland Europe and even the United States. For example, Telco-Central is based in Essex UK, Story Telecom is based in London UK and Vopium is based in Luxembourg. As a cheap calls to Nigeria comparison website we look for the cheapest suppliers, suppliers with a variety of calling Nigeria solutions and suppliers that are innovators in the market place. All this means you get the perfect products to make cheap calls to Nigeria.

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